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A Bank for White People

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Who doesn’t buy your product, who doesn’t participate in your meetings, who doesn’t use your services? You may drive away diverse customers or consumers without even knowing it, because we can all be clueless to those different from us.  An agency of government, a company, or a non-profit can all be like the Bank For White People in a multicultural world.  See how easy it is to be clueless to your lifeblood –  your consumers – in this video clip:

Ask who is walking or wheeling in your door – and who is not?  Do you really know how different groups see your business or agency?  Make diversity valuable to you.  Find out how – OR IF – groups who differ by nationality, religion, ability, race, region, sexual orientation, education, gender, military/civilian, and on and on see your organization.  As the video shows, they may peg you, and you may be totally clueless as to why they are not walking in your door, website, community, or park.