About the Book - Overview

All of us can be clueless about culture and people different from us.
But in a global, multicultural workplace, being “clued in” to culture is your edge.

Clued in, you attract more diverse customers and employees.
Clueless, and you're like the Bank for White People
Clued in, you grow and retain employees you have.
Clueless, and you bury talent that shines outside your workplace. 
(See how in “Oh, My God, You’re a Completely Different Person”)
Clued in, you reap ideas from employees and help from customers.
Clueless, and engineers are circulating resumes.


Attract. Retain. Compete. Motivate.
Those are the promises of the 7 Clues for a diverse world in Are You Clueless?

Clueless? is for individual leaders – in business, government, non-profits – who deal with increasingly diverse employees and customers every day. It tells some of the bizarre stories from my 20+ years of consulting of how customers and employees get "clueless" treatment because of their difference. In turn, the organization loses the customer or employee, or does something illegal.

In many cases, people don't know what they don't know, so the organization doesn't know it's losing customers that avoid the business, or employees who check out.

Then I provide 7 Clues leaders can use every day to tap into this "new" world. Finally, the book applies the Clues to 10 common cross-cultural scenarios leaders face.