"Solving the people puzzle is the basis of great communication that can lead to valuable understanding. You can't solve the puzzle without the right clues and this book will give you all the clues you'll need to reap the rewards."
Chip Bell, co-author of
Customer Loyalty Guaranteed


"If you are a leader or manager, buy this book. It is the next best thing to having a diversity coach. If you are a diversity trainer, coach, or consultant, ask your clients to get a copy and read Are You Clueless? It will make your work easier."
Training Media Review,
September 2008
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"Want to understand the power and potential of leveraging diversity?  Here's a clue....Read this book"
– Tiane Mitchell Gordon, Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion, America Online


"Are You Clueless? is brilliant. It is a formidable contribution because it links cross-cultural understanding to leaders' goals of profit and developing talent. As an immigrant, I am particularly appreciative."

– Sofia Adrogue', P.C., Member (Partner), Looper Reed & McGraw, "Texas Super Lawyer," one of Houston's 50 Most Influential Women & U.S. Jaycees "Outstanding Houstonian" "Outstanding Texan" & "Outstanding American."


"From “A Bank for White People” to “A Restaurant for Men,” Tom’s examples show how cultural issues bubble below (and above!) the surface of our organizations, just as they do in the State House and our town councils.  The stories sparkle.  Leaders in business and government:  You've got to read this."
– State Senator Janet Howell,
Commonwealth of Virginia


Every employee needs to know how to work and manage in a diverse environment. Tom's stories and examples translate diversity into action. A must-read for enhancing diversity skills and knowledge.
– Carolyn Jones, Senior Manager, Corporate Diversity, Global Consulting Firm


“Achieve valuable insight and practical actions which can be implemented by leaders in any organization. By using high impact, easy to understand stories, Tom provides a framework to help those leaders who are guiding teams or serving customers in a multicultural environment. As a highly valued consultant, Tom has facilitated our quest to be a center of excellence in cultural competence and community relations. I highly recommend this book.”
– Elita Rosillo-Christiansen, Vice President, Community Health/Cultural Competence, Inova Health System


“The 7 Clues for leaders in a multicultural world are wonderful ‘common sense’ guides for making a better world for workplaces and for the joy of living. Are You Clueless? is factual, informative, entertaining, and stimulating – a handbook to a better world for all who must find ways to work, play, and ‘live together’ or perish fragmented. Reading Tom’s book makes a better me, hopefully stimulating me to bring out the best in others.”
– Edith Irby Jones, M.D. Past President, National Medical Association


"Tom Finn's Clues help any woman or man to decode the gap between a well-intended and culturally insensitive behavior and the often painful impact of that behavior. All of us who care about global peace can benefit from Tom's thoughtful and accessible work."
– Alexandra Merrill, International women's leadership development consultant


"Our communities and workplaces are becoming whole new worlds. Ah, but getting involvement, real motivation, and loyal, diverse customers? Here are some clues to make that happen, and some startling things we all may be missing."
– Catherine M. Hudgins, Hunter Mill District Supervisor, Fairfax County, Virginia