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How Do You Know You’re Clueless to Culture?

The worst thing for a business or agency is not knowing what could grow your business, retain good talent, or make your leaders superb in a diverse world.  Here are some symptoms of being clueless in a multicultural and global world – and places to find them in the stories in the book.

You’ve Got:

1. Hidden Employee Talent
Oh, My God, You’re a Completely Different Person, Skill Up
2. Customers who don’t approach your business – and it’s likely you don’t know it!
A Bank For White People
3. Information systems that don’t alert you
Do You Know Me? I’m Your Multicultural Employee
4. Inaccurate decision making
A Restaurant for Men
5. Ideas held back and resumes circulating
You Wouldn’t Understand
6. Managers that block employee initiative
Attitudes and Skills for Grownups
7. A low “Can We Talk?” rating
The Business Costs of Silence
8. Lost business and employees due to lack of diversity – in your leadership, presentation teams, and on high value projects
Structure:  Who’s Where?, Looking Up Gets Me Down
9. Employees who don’t know what to do with diverse customers’ needs
“Nice Doesn’t Cut It”
10. Procedures, forms, signs, and other mechanisms for help that don’t help
Don’t Talk to Security Guards
11. Untold possibilities for business and profit that are unsought
Iowa and the Cultural Unknown
12. Customers who want your business and you don’t know it
We Want to Help You


I could go on.
Find out more in Are You Clueless?