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If you are trying to lead anything today, whether personally or professionally, you’re likely to do so under pressure and fast pace, and you’re likely to need diverse customers and colleagues on board.  We’re in a global, 24/7 marketplace.  What’s your capacity for pressure and nuance?

Tom’s newsletter and blog will provide clues to your potential.  You’ll find commentary and resources directed at expanding YOU – increasing your influence in situations of chaos and your results in multicultural settings.  You’ll see a theme:  tapping the cultural, ancestral, and personal strengths already within you for greater impact.

Our newsletter will cover common questions and challenges raised by my customers and you – for example, a stellar leader who gets results but blows a gasket under pressure. 

Our blog will tap into more current stories of the day that highlight our goal:  learning how to be the best global leader I can be, whether I am a manager with a workforce like the United Nations or a parent in a diverse neighborhood.  For example, maybe the arrest of Henry Louis Gates has something to teach us all…

Explore…Expand…Evolve…Exchange…and have fun with us.

DISCOVERY: Leadership From Within


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