Speaking and Consulting

Tom speaks to and trains leaders and organizations on the ideas in Are You Clueless? and on how to manage diversity well. Here are some typical areas he covers:

A “Clued-In” Workplace.
• Knowing What You Don’t Know Can Help You
• Cultural Customer Tracking
• Role Models
• The “Clued-in Leader”

You Don’t Know What You’re Missing!
• Customers That Are Avoiding You
• Customers in Waiting
• Finding Hidden Employee Treasures
• “Hello, we’re global now!”

Coaching Across Culture
• What They May Not Be Telling You
• Cultural Bridges
• Self Skills for “Getting It”
• Sorting

Retaining and Growing Diverse People – The War for Talent Winner
• The Unseen, The Unnoticed Among You
• “Can We Talk?” The Costs and Losses of Facades
• Cultural Intelligence for the Leader
• 5 Patterns for Good Radar and a Cultural Touch


Tom has provided diversity training, coaching, and consulting for over twenty years.  Programs for leaders and teams are customized to your organization’s needs, from general leadership training to more specific applications, such as resolving cultural and diversity conflicts, coaching individual leaders, and team building. 

Contact Tom at tom@tomfinnassociates.com.

Normally, topics are customized to the customer through upfront dialogue and goal setting. Tom also provides consulting and training that takes a comprehensive approach to leadership and diversity.

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