Media: Suggested Interview Questions
1. Isn’t that an obnoxious title?
2. For whom is the book intended?
3 Why is Are You Clueless? an important book?
4. Your book promotes 7 Clues. Give me a clue or two – what kinds of things are we talking about when you say “Clues for Leaders in a Multicultural World?”
5. The book is for leaders in businesses and organizations. Does it apply to some of the hot topics in our society, such as immigration, gay marriage, and English only laws?
6. Is this book about learning customs of other countries?
7. What are the primary things a leader should know about whether she or her organization are clueless to culture?
8. What’s different about leading in a multicultural world as opposed to leading in general?
9. How will your book make a difference in the workplace?
10. What inspired you to write this book?
11. How is your book different from other diversity books?
12. We don’t have many different cultures or much diversity where I live. Why would I read your book?


How will your book help me improve my business, school, or agency?