Media: Suggested Segments

Are You Clueless? (AYC) is a guide for leaders in multicultural situations. Media could use the stories and guidance in AYC for stories such as:


Any Idea What’s Going On Outside (and Inside!) Your Company’s Doors?

AYC provides some startling stories of customers who avoid businesses and employees who get buried or decide to leave organizations. All these escapades cost companies money: lost business, lost ideas, lost employees (who cost three times their salaries to replace). And in most of the book’s examples, organizations don’t know they are losing money and talent. They’re clueless!

The Immigration Debate: A Third Way

As citizens and politicians debate law enforcement vs. managing the numbers of current immigrants, Are You Clueless? suggests a third approach: taking advantage of diversity. Businesses, towns, schools, and individuals, if they are “clued-in” to culture, can profit, thrive, and get help if they start by valuing their diversity and putting that attitude into action.

Businesses Where Diversity Means Business

AYC provides some examples of businesses who make diversity work for attracting customers and employees. The author can provide media some names and AYC can be a part of articles that cover this topic by interviewing those businesses as well.

Ask Your Janitor

A totally ignored topic amidst the wave of immigration to the US in the last several years is the prevalence of educated people from other countries who are trying to get a foothold being janitors, house cleaners, dishwashers, and more. AYC has examples of these folks that can provide a jumping off point for an expanded article about “hidden talent” among ESL (English as a Second Language) speakers. Organizations are often “clueless” to the talent they have.