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Tom Finn is available to media to discuss how Are You Clueless?
can come alive for managers, diversity champions, and organizations to
take advantage of diversity and to avoid the costs of cluelessness.

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Are You Clueless?

7 Clues to Profit, Productivity, & Partnership
For Leaders in a Multicultural World

 Are You Clueless? - Book Cover


The clarion call of Are You Clueless? is the opportunity for organizations
that awaits in a diverse world.  But many organizations and leaders are missing (we're clueless) the impact we are having on diverse people, and losing talent, business, and motivation and commitment as a result.  The book tells some of the bizarre experiences of customers and employees who are "different," and gives clues on how to lead more effectively in a diverse world.

Are You Clueless? is for individual leaders
– in business, government, non-profits –
who deal with increasingly diverse employees and customers every day. 

ISBN  978-0-9797245-0-3
5 x 7.5
315 pages

Publication Date
November 2007

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